Saturday, May 07, 2011

A crush for a Manga character

Yesterday, in the Follow Friday post, I answered two questions, one of them was: "what character in a book would you most like to date?" That made me think about a thing... Does anyone of you ever had a crush for a Manga character? I read them and my faves are "Nana" and "Vampire Knight". So, I asked myself what if Ren Honjo and Kaname Kuran were real? Well, the answer is pretty simple, I would date Ren (moooore than once :P) and then I'll spend the eternity with Kaname!! LOL

Seriously, if you think about it you realize that the characters of a Manga can have all the charming characteristics of our faves in a book, the only difference is that to our eyes one can appear more 'realistic' than the other. In my opinion that's because when we read a book, even if we know the story is not real (unfortunately, huh?), we tend to look at them like flesh and bones, vice versa it can be a strange thing to do 'cause they're showed to us like illustrations and for that our brain automatically recognizes them like fiction.
But in the end even a book is fiction...
Then why a girl couldn't dream about a personal hero like Kaname, don't you agree? ;)


  1. I completely agree with you, although my choices are completely different (as you know :P)...
    Vampire Knight: Zero Kiryu
    Nana: Takumi
    And I'd like to add one more, too... Although I find the drawings slightly different from the ones I'm used to, I find pretty interesting Kyo from Black Bird. What do you guys think?

  2. Great choices!! ;)
    I like Black Bird, too (thanks to you! :)) and I think I know "the potential" you see in Kyo... LOL Seriously, he's very funny! xD

  3. hey
    i've recently started reading some manga and i'm glad i'm not the only who has crushes on the characters. i usually read the one shots and i read vampire kisses. thanks for recommending Vampire Knight and Black Bird. I'm gonna check these out soon. any more suggestions??
    xx C

  4. Welcome to the club, Clary! ;)
    I know many titles but I haven't read them so, it's difficult for me to tell you which one pick up... But with "Vampire Knight" I know for sure it's a great choice and about "Black Bird", it's a Manga about Demons, if you're into them too like vampires I think you'll like it! It's a funny reading and "Vampire Knight" is something totally exciting!! I'd say go for them both!! ;D
    If I read something else and I find it interesting I'll surely let you know!

    Thanks for stopping by and following me!!

  5. I love Kaname! I also love Kyo in Fruits Basket.

  6. Welcome to the club, Alison! ;)
    I've never read Fruits Basket... What is it about?


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