Saturday, May 07, 2011

A crush for a Manga character

Yesterday, in the Follow Friday post, I answered two questions, one of them was: "what character in a book would you most like to date?" That made me think about a thing... Does anyone of you ever had a crush for a Manga character? I read them and my faves are "Nana" and "Vampire Knight". So, I asked myself what if Ren Honjo and Kaname Kuran were real? Well, the answer is pretty simple, I would date Ren (moooore than once :P) and then I'll spend the eternity with Kaname!! LOL

Seriously, if you think about it you realize that the characters of a Manga can have all the charming characteristics of our faves in a book, the only difference is that to our eyes one can appear more 'realistic' than the other. In my opinion that's because when we read a book, even if we know the story is not real (unfortunately, huh?), we tend to look at them like flesh and bones, vice versa it can be a strange thing to do 'cause they're showed to us like illustrations and for that our brain automatically recognizes them like fiction.
But in the end even a book is fiction...
Then why a girl couldn't dream about a personal hero like Kaname, don't you agree? ;)
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