Friday, May 06, 2011

Print Books or eBooks?

Which one you prefer?

Different people choose eBooks, probably because they're cheaper, I don't know (for me a print book is worth every single penny), personally I think there's no game, print books are much better! I've never used an eBook reader, never felt the need because I like the feeling of a print book in my hands, turning the pages, smell them... And I know I'm not crazy to say that because it's a fact that many people love the smell of a book! ;P Anyway, I find that reading from the screen can be very frustrating, I mean, I think many of us spend most of their time in front of a screen so, don't you need to take a break from it? And honestly, if I'd wanna 'watch' a story on the screen I'd choose a movie.

Same thing for AudioBooks... I'm not a fan of them either and that's because I don't like when a story is being read aloud, I think the listener has less space for the imagination... And I love to be able to absorbe the story at my own pace.

In conclusion, reading is like dreaming, and for me a screen doesn't help with that, but if you have a print book in your hands reading will be something enchanting...
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