Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"Shifters" by Rachel Vincent

I TOTALLY loved this series from the beginning to the end! I was addicted to all 6 books and I think it's definitely one of the best, emotional sagas I've ever read!!!!!!

The whole story is very intriguing and I was frightened to read what was going to happen in every page of every single book! Even if in "Pride" the tension was particularly killing me, I was literally breathless reading every sentence, I felt emotionally involved until the very last page! I couldn't put that book down but that would be a real mission impossible for every book of this series...

As I previously wrote in a review for "Stray" on Goodreads, it's something amazing when you can identify with the main female character, when you feel what she feels, when you'd do whatever she does, you know that you've found an amazing book, like in this case! Faythe is a kick-ass, strong, funny girl and when you read about all her doubts you don't think about her like an annoying character (like often happens), you understand her point of view and you love her for what she is.
About the "romance" aspect... I'm a "Marc girl", it was love at first sight for me! I mean, I like Jace, he's so funny, sexy, intriguing... He even earned a place in my heart at some point... But with Marc is totally another thing... If it was up to me I'd marry Marc immediately!

Now, if you didn't read the books, or you're reading them or you wanna do it (as I extremely suggest), don't read the thought below...

Once upon a time Silvia was in love with Ethan and when the 4th books came she was shocked and simply devastated... She cried a lot like a baby and that's because, according to a friend of hers, Ethan was one of the best written characters and obviously because he was her fave :(... Yes, I was very sad but it was a great unexpected turn of the events that left me breathless and that's because "Prey" remains my fave book of the saga! I can re-read it several times and even knowing what happened I'm pretty sure tears will still fall uncontrollably, but isn't this one of the things that makes a book so damn good!? ;)

Rachel Vincent is absolutely one of my fave authors, she has a fresh style, genuinely funny, sexy and so involving, all the best features you hope to find in a writer and the world she created is simply amazing and probably one of the best in which you can easily reflect yourself.

To Rachel Vincent, thanks for your amazing books, for the Shifters character Q&A on Facebook (too hilarious!) and the love you show to your fans, I really wish you all the best!

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