Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday (#5)

Lazy Sunday is a weekly event hosted by Franny @ Mind Reader. The Event is created to gather everyone together and get to know each other better. Every week Franny will ask a question about a topic of general interest to get to know you better. Something about yourself.

This week's question: Why did you decide to start a blog? And what do you write about?

In kindergarten I always had a pencil in my hand, in high school I was particularly good with compositions and there's not a time I remember I didn't write anything during my free time. So, since I'm not gonna be an author I thought I could be at least a reviewer! ;P *occasionally an interviewer, 'cause I love to give authors I particularly esteem the right space and support!* I like to share my opinion about my readings with other people with the same passion, find out if they agree or not, what they felt during the whole reading... Yep, I'm curious! :P And even if it's not gonna happen every time that your followers leave their opinion about what you've just said, it's always liberating, a good feeling when you put it down those words, don't you agree? But also I have to say there's something amazing when someone tells you that you caught their attention, that you're so good that you convinced them to buy one book just from a review. Well, for me that's the real award for a reviewer and it makes it look like opening a blog was the right choice, huh!? ;)
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