Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Coyote Night" by Danielle D. Smith


SERIES: Black Dog and Rebel Rose #2

PUBLISHER: Danielle D. Smith
GENRE: Erotica/Paranormal
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads

Skriker, half-demon bad boy, and his Nephil love, Rose, are inseperable. They've been through thick and thin, thin and thinnerand the hunt is calling them once again. Rumor of a skinwalker draws the notorious pair to Shiprock, New Mexico, a place sacred to the Navajo and a site of enormous supernatural power. The classic Route 66 awaits them and their Harleys, as do open stretches of desert where they can camp under the stars and rut like horny teenagers…the chance of slaying the skinwalker is simply the icing on Skriker’s gore-soaked cake. But when they finally cross paths with the enemy, the ancient desert monster develops an insatiable desire to capture Rose and posess herleaving Skriker fighting with all he's got to keep the love of his life from being snatched from his arms forever.


This book is the sequel of Rose and Skriker’s story from the first novel called "Black Dog and Rebel Rose". I was contacted by the author for a review about "Coyote Night" and I hadn't read the first novel so I was afraid I wouldn't be involved as I should but it was totally the opposite! Of course it would be better to read them in order so, be sure to grab them both, the reading can be done anyway, the book contains a story in itself but trust me, when you read about Skriker and Rose you wanna know how everything started!

Daniell D. Smith did a great job with the cover and an amazing one with the writing.The Navajo culture is totally new for me but I liked it a lot and honestly now I'd love to know more about. The descriptions of the places, the characters and the fights are really accurate and they allow you to see only sharp images, that's why I found myself thinking I was actually living the story! There is suspance and a charming dark atmosphere that together with Skriker and Rose's passion completely absorb the reader and Gosh, I can't help myself, I have to say this, when you read they're having sex you wish they'd never stop...

Reading this short novel is like watching an episode of your fave tv series, when you reach the end you wait eagerly for the next one!

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