Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guess who's back online?

I'd say FINALLY!!!! ;D Did you miss me? For the record I missed you all very much!! To be without connection for so long was a real nightmare... I mean, under some aspects it was kinda good because I had time to do some things outside and concentrate on a few issues that had to be fixed, but hey, what about my blog? How am I suppose to do my job and post reviews on time if I don't have a connection? Yes, for your joy I have reviews ready to be posted so don't worry, from tomorrow they will be online one by one! ;)
Gosh, I missed all of this... Btw I'm fine, the house is great and I'm back so, life is good! ;)



  1. YES!!! I missed you. :( A loooot. But you know that! :D I'm so happy you're baaaack!

  2. Hi Silvia. Thank you for following my blog. I now follow yours back. It looks awesome. :) I love my bookshelfs too.

    - Beckie


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