Thursday, September 08, 2011


Hey everyone,

I'm sorry if I completely disappeared but I'm still having problems with the line... Apparently I have to wait a bit longer to have it activated and I so miss blogging! I'm using an internet dongle at the moment but my connection is a little bit slow and I have some download limits... But at least I can check my emails every day and now I can write this little post to update you, not bad at all! ;)
The move was an adventure but in the end it went well! The house is veeeery lovely and I finally have a tv and with Sky as well, YAY! :D I know, maybe for you that's nothing special, but when you had to live in a flat with no tv for almost 2 years, believe me, it's like waking up on Christmas day! And since I associate to Christmas the word "gifts", I'm taking this opportunity to thank the fab girls who gifted me some books for the R.A.K last month. It meant a lot to me, especially because it was a stressful time, with lots of troubles and you made my day with your great gifts so, from the bottom of my heart: thank you Bex, Carien, Cassie and Sin!!! I'll post the pic of the amazing books you bought me together with the "R.A.K - August 2011 Wrap Up!" post that hope to do soon... And it won't be the only one for sure! In fact, even if I was very busy unpacking everything (you never realize how much stuff you have until you move!) I kept reading and I prepared some reviews! So, keep your fingers crossed for my big return and stay around! ;)



  1. Welcome back!
    I didn't know this blog, I discovered it thanks to facebook (or twitter, I don't remember!) only a few time before your move, so i waited until today to say "hello"!! I'm following you here, too! :)

  2. There you are! I was missing you! :D

  3. I miss you guys! So glad you're back to some extent! :D

  4. Utmost sympathies for the fact you have to unpack (I HATE unpacking). However it's great you're loving your new house. Just a warning though - tv's are dangerous things that cause addiction to ridiculous shows. :)

  5. I miss you hon!!!!:-** Welcome back on line ^_^!!!!I will wait your posts!!!!Kisses :-*
    Ila <3

  6. Awwww!!!! Thanks girls! It's good to see how much you missed me and believe me, I missed you, too!! xo
    Today I received the news that I should have my line completely activated in two weeks so, fingers crossed everyone! ;)

    P.S.: Don't worry, even if TV can cause some very "dangerous" addictions (and stupid ones I'd say) I'm always a book addicted girl! <3 ;D

  7. Argh, I hope it doesn't take too long! It's driving me nuts without all updates everywhere. ;) Lol! Hope you're weeeell! <3


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