Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Fireflies" by Lacey Reah


SERIES: Stand-alone

PUBLISHER: iUniverse
GENRE: Erotic Paranormal
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Linda is a calculating, career-driven woman whose perfect world is shattered when she is seduced and transformed by a vampire-like creature called a nymphomite. Linda becomes a beast, feeding off the enerfy of orgasmically-charged blood. Convinced that her humanity has faded away, Linda adapts to her new instincts of hunger and sex. She hunts women primarily, for their longer and more frequent orgasms, and becomes a master of prolonging and intensifying their pleasure. But she never expected to find a woman like Jesse, and Linda's decision to spare her life instead of feed off her leads to a shocking turn of events that will make Linda question her beastlike identity and the humanity she thought she had lost.


When I was a kid I found fireflies very fascinating and when I was in my aunt's house, in mountain, I couldn't wait to see them and every night it was an exciting event. Now, after reading this book I'm totally intrigued about them!

I'm usually more pro dialogues and here there were lots of descriptions, but I have to say that I found it a total good thing not just because of the sex scenes, but because seeing and feeling all from Linda's perspective helped me to be closer to her. It was interesting observing the change and try to put myself in her shoes. What would I have done? Would I have been capable to do what she has done for all that time? Without knowing much about my new "condition"? And, more important thing, always alone? This is in fact the real Linda's problem, she doesn't wanna be alone, but it seems she can't do much to change that and of course it's terribly depressing for her but also so frustrating for the reader who keeps asking what she's gonna do until the very end...

This Erotica/Paranormal book all female was a pleasurable reading and I really liked the author's style, clear, sensual and inviting. Thanks Lacey for sending me the book, I'm looking forward to read more about your stories!

RATING: 3.5/5
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