Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Giveaway! - And the winners are...

So, my Halloween Giveaway! is officially closed and I'm ready to announce the 2 lucky winners!!

First I wanna thank anyone who participated! I have to say I was very surprised about some of your answers, I didn't expect unicorns at all but then I received a few of them and it was a nice surprise! :)
Having said that, I can tell you the 3 most loved creatures:

Top 3 Creatures:
1. VAMPIRES -> *Sigh* I don't know why but I was pretty sure about that! ;P
2. SHAPESHIFTERS -> And with that I mean from werewolves to tigers and any type you can think of (I loved all your categories!) 
3. ZOMBIES -> Now I don't know if I'm more scared about them or about all people who love them so much! o_O Joking, I'm just not into them but I have nothing against the ones who love them! ;))

And now the big moment... The winners of a £10 and a £5 Amazon Vouchers are...

#8 Franny @ Mind Reader
(Congrats, you won the first prize: £10 Amazon Voucher!)

#64 Bruna Oliveira
(Congrats, you won the second prize: £5 Amazon Voucher!)

Congratulations to both of you!! :) I sent you an email, remember you have 48 hours to reply and claim your prize, otherwise other winners will be chosen.

Thanks to everyone who joined my giveaway and of course HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! :D
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