Sunday, October 09, 2011

Meeting with Jana Oliver!

What an AWESOME day!! Just a few hours ago I finally had the pleasure and honour to meet the amazing Jana Oliver!!!!

Today was the last day of her tour for the promotion of the second book in The Demon Trappers Series, "Forbidden", and Franny (Mind Reader) and I went to Waterstone's in Oxford Street to meet her and what can I say? Not only she's a great author, she's an amazing person as well! Franny and I were the first to arrive so we had the opportunity to have a little bit of time to spend alone with one of our fave authors so, pretty amazing! ;D Anyway after a while other two lovely girls joined us and it was just the 4 of us plus Jana (shame on you guys, you don't know what you missed!) and even if the organization wasn't good at all (they could have given us at least some chairs! -.-), the company was wonderful! We chatted about many things, we talked about life and of course demons! ;) Jana told us some spoilers about the third book that will be out on March 2012, I'm not gonna say anything so, don't worry ;) but just let me tell you that if you enjoyed the first two books you have to be prepared for a total blast with the next one! What else? Oh, have I already said she's amazing? ;P Seriously, she is! When we had to say goodbye it was very sad because time passed by too quickly...

But for a perfect ending of an awesome day, Jana gave us a few stunning gadgets!! A T-shirt, a couple of Temporary Tattoos, a Sticker, a Card and a gorgeous Iron-On Patch! Obviously all by Demon Trappers! ;)

And of course we had our pics together (aww!) and the autograph with dedication!

What could we have asked more? Once again, THANK YOU JANA, it was great meeting you and you definitely made my day!!!! 

*I recommend this amazing series to all of you guys!*
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