Friday, December 16, 2011

A big vampire-like gift from an amazing friend!

What do you say to a friend who sent you a package with the first 6 books of a big series of 11 so far? Do the titles "Glass Houses", "The Dead Girls", "Midnight Alley", "Feast Of Fools", "Lord Of Misrule" and "Carpe Corpus" say anything to you? Exactly, I practically opened a door to the Morganvilles this morning! ;D

So Kay, I know you told me I shouldn't consider them a "real" Christmas gift, but still: Merry Christmas to me! :P Seriously, I almost cried (ok, a couple of tears fell for real) when I opened your package and I really, REALLY couldn't have wished for a more special gift!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!! ♥ 


  1. Ohhhh that's so awesome! Kay sounds real sweet. :D I loved the first books. I've sadly kind of given up on it now (I got to book 5), but who knows! I might go back to them sometime. And S... There's two freaking awesome guys in those! Grrr. *wink, wink*

  2. Kay is amazing, totally sweet and I think she knows how much I care about her! ♥
    She warned me about someone in the specific... Since she apparently always see who I'm gonna pick before I know (LOL), I'm almost certain I will have a crush for at least this character who's name starts with my same initial... ;P
    *I have a feeling I will start reading this series soon!*

  3. LOL, oh I know who she means. ;) I'm honestly in love with both guys. I can't choose!

  4. Aah Silvia, you are more than welcome! I told you, they are a selfish gift really as I want you to read them so we can chat Morganville along with all our other favourites ;) I really hope you enjoy them - oh and Rebecca, I would say that Lord of Misrule probably isn't the strongest book in the series, but Carpe Corpus is one of my very favourites, so I strongly recommend you give it a go!
    Happy reading Silvia - and Merry Christmas! x

  5. Ok, that's it! I'm half-way through the book I'm currently reading, after I finish it I'm all Morganvilles! ;)
    Btw a gift is never something selfish and it's soooo good to have you here, Kay! :)
    *Merry Christmas! x*


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