Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog makeovers, Tours and Reviews!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting any reviews in the past days but I was really busy with a couple of blog makeovers... But hey, I'm very happy with the result as much as the owners so, YAY!! :) Below you can see the buttons of the blogs I worked on, feel free to have a look at them and perhaps show some support to this two lovely ladies following them!! :) Remember that if you're interested in my designs you can fill the form in the interested in a blog makeover section! ;)

TOURS!! As you should know by now, I opened (together with Franny @ Mind Reader) a blog for Books Tours called Dark Mind Book Tours. We've just finished scheduling The Lure Of Shapinsay Tour and we're currently organizing Demon's Slave Tour! If you're not an host and you're interested in our tours please, fill this form first and then you can choose to host as many tours as you like! And if you're an author of Urban/Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance or Dark Erotica you're always welcome to join! ;)

About the reviews, don't worry, I haven't stopped reading at all, I have some ready to be posted and I even received some new requests so... Be ready for a few posts soon!! ;)

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