Friday, February 24, 2012

A big Book Trailer reveal + Services section!

A couple of weeks ago I was booked for a Book Trailer, but I haven't said a word about who commissioned me the work... Why? Because obviously it had to be a huge surprise for everyone! ;) But now the big day has arrived... I can share with you my secret project... Are you ready?... Are you sure?... Positive?... Ok, ok, cut it out Silvia and give us a name! Alright, alright, you won! I couldn't be happier to reveal the author is: Jana Oliver! Yes, you heard me loud and clear, Jana Oliver, the awesome author who created The Demon Trappers Series, the one and only! ;) MyKindaBook already posted the news on their site and now I'm gonna share the trailer as well, don't worry, I just wanted to thank Jana and her amazing assistant, CJ (it was a total pleasure working with you!) for the lovely, great words they keep saying to me and about me! I'm overwhelmed, thank you so much guys!!
Now, could this day be more awesome? Perhaps, since I created a new section called Services! From now on you can not only book a blog makeover but book trailers and soon book covers as well! See? A really big, joyful day! :)

Have a look at the new section, let me know what you think of the trailer and to all the "UK Trappers" out there, don't forget to buy Forgiven on March 1st! (only 5 more days!!!!!)

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