Thursday, February 09, 2012

"Firelight" by Sophie Jordan


SERIES: Firelight #1

GENRE: YA Paranormal
SOURCE: Gifted
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With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special among the draki—the descendants of dragons—with the power to shift into human form. But when Jacinda's rebelliousness forces her family to flee to the human world, her draki spirit starts to fade. If it is lost, she will remain as a human. The only thing that revives it is a gorgeous, elusive Will... whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can't resist getting closer to him. Even if it means risking the draki's most closely-guarded secret—and her life.


The first time I saw this book was last spring, but I couldn't buy it and so I put it on my wishlist hoping in a possible gift... Then Christmas arrived and so "Firelight"! Dragons. Seriously, d-r-a-g-o-n-s! Is there someone who can honestly say is not fascinated by them? And these in particular are really special! In fact the creatures Sophie Jordan has created descended from Dragons but they're called Draki and they have the capability to change into human form. But that's not all, each of them has a unique ability and they have different colors. Fascinating, isn't it?

The story is captivating and so are the characters. There are the ones you can not stand, the ones who intrigue you and of course the ones you totally love... Do I think it is hard not to fall for Will? He's gorgeous, he gave me chills when he talked and he has secrets as well... So, the answer is no, I don't think it's hard falling for him, I'm sure it's pretty impossible! But of all the characters the one I could feel very close was Jacinda. She desperately loves to be a draki, it's the part of herself she loves the most and you can see that in the book from the very beginning. That's why I couldn't stand her mother. She insisted that Jacinda had to give up that part of herself, just like she did a long time ago, but problem is that she did it spontaneously because she really wanted to have a human life, while Jacinda doesn't want that, but this particular is totally "irrelevant" for her. I couldn't help it, I totally saw a cruelty so big that every time I was about to cry.

This book was an exciting, touching, intriguing reading and I really want to know how the story is going to develop so, I need the second book!

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