Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mystery Swag Winner & Darkest Sins 1st Blogoversary!

April has ended and so the time to join my Birthday Giveaway has come. In the past month I had the pleasure to work with great people who I really thank for choosing me to create the look of their babies! :) It's a big responsibility but such an honour to create the right vision for everyone and I couldn't be happier to know you guys are so in love with your makeovers!

And now for the giveaway part... Below you can see the buttons of the eight blog makeovers I made for the contest. They're ordered from the first I made. Go visit each of them and why not, follow them, they totally deserve it! ;) And then if you scroll down you'll finally see the winner...


And the winner is...

Lucky #7 Proserpine

Congratulations, Proserpine! :D
Thanks everyone who joined the contest, you were all lovely to work with!

Before I go I have another announcement to make... Today is officially one year since I started blogging!


Now, Franny is going to celebrate her first blogoversary tomorrow, as well, so we decided to celebrate together with something special... Do you wanna know what it is?  Of course you want! That's why you need to stop by Mind Reader first thing tomorrow, so you will find out! ;)

Once again congratulations to Proserpine and Happy 1st Birthday to my precious Darkest Sins! :)
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