Monday, May 14, 2012

"Vaempires Revolution" by Thomas Winship


SERIES: The Evolutionary War #1

PUBLISHER: Thomas Winship
GENRE: Urban Fantasy/Dystopian
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

It is the morning of Princess Cassandra’s sixteenth birthday. Everyone’s attention is focused on the heir to the vampire throne. World leaders, the rich and famous, and VIPs from every corner of the globe have gathered in the nation’s capital to celebrate the momentous event. Cassandra’s boyfriend, Daniel, is late for the party. He’s still outside the city when all hell breaks loose. What he believes is an act of terrorism proves to be a full-fledged revolution. Væmpires—former vampires who mutated into warm-blooded creatures with an insatiable hunger for cold blood—have launched coordinated attacks across the globe, with three goals: the eradication of humanity, the enslavement of vampires, and the ascension of væmpires as the dominant species on the planet. The vampire and human leaders are killed. Cassandra is missing. Daniel is the acting king. Desperate to find the princess, Daniel and his friends fight their way across the besieged city. With the hopes of the free world resting on the shoulders of four vampire teenagers, væmpires unleash their secret weapons—væmpires with special powers. What can four teens do against an enemy that can shape-shift, fly, or walk through walls?


Even if I'm usually not into gore, this time I couldn't help myself, I was totally enchanted by this book. Action is what prevails on everything, of course you say, it's a war book, but  be aware, it's a war like no other... Don't even think for a second about the standard vampires we're used to think of, or the classic vampires vs humans war. We have vampires against vaempires here and that 'e' is not just what makes the difference between the two names, but it's the key to the originality and the real charm of this book. Let's just say someone had a very powerful evolution...

Daniel and Cassandra are two amazing, very strong characters, and one of the things I loved the most is that Thomas Winship managed to make great justice with both point of views, male and female. It's not something easy, to be honest before reading Vaempires Revolution I would have thought about this like a mission impossible, but Tom did it and he did it extremely good!

Reading this book was like watching a movie. I visualized every single scene in such a clear way that I was practically living the story. I felt every emotion the characters were feeling like they were mine, and without realizing it I had completely devoured the book. And believe me, after you reach the speechless end, you will die to read more!

RATING: 4.5/5
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