Monday, June 11, 2012

"Maid For Pleasure" by Lucy Rodgers


SERIES: Maids For It #2

PUBLISHER: Lucy Rodgers
GENRE: Dark Erotica
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads

Insurance actuary Libby Beckett is the epitome of a successful, independent, modern woman. With her six figure salary, she has a condo overlooking the beach, a BMW, and a closet full of fabulous shoes. So why isn’t she happy? And why do her fantasies always involve whips, bondage, and sexual slavery? Her desires are impossible to explain her buttoned-down accountant boyfriend, which is why when she stumbles across a website for a quasi-dating service for submissive women called Maid for It, she signs up. She’s quickly “matched” to Gavin Huntley, an engineer and inventor possessed of a small fortune and his own private island in the Caribbean. After carefully weighing the risks and rewards, as any good actuary should do, Libby breaks it off with her boyfriend and heads to Gavin’s island for what she promises herself will be two weeks to explore her darkest, dirtiest desires. When her time is up, she’ll say her safe word and, as outlined in Maid for It’s contract, Gavin will be required to release her. But Gavin knows what Libby truly needs, and it’s not to be free. She’s made for pleasure—his pleasure—and he intends to put her to good use. Forever.


"Maid For Pleasure" is a dark erotica book where the DARK is very strong and I couldn't have been more fascinated by it. No, I'm not shocked because when I accept this kind of books to review, I'm always well aware of what I'm going to find myself in and, blushing or not (I dare anyone telling me they don't), when you find an author like Lucy Rodgers, who writes delightfully, I can't help getting lost in pleasure during all the reading.

The story caught my attention from the beginning with that beautiful island, a real piece of Paradise where I would happily live forever... Then of course there's the relationship between Libby and Gavin, but it would be wrong to think about that just like domination and sex. There is trust and love, as well, and Gavin can be really charming as much as quite scary... At some point something unthinkable (or at least nothing I have never read before) happens that left me like "I can't possibly understand something like that... Ok, then why am I so intrigued by it?". And that's exactly what this story is, psychologically intriguing.

If you're not used to this genre or you're not comfortable in reading BDSM at all, then you will surely have trouble with this story. But if you are passionate about real dark erotica, then pick this book up today and enjoy every minute of pleasure!

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