Friday, July 13, 2012

My recent absence...

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed my absence by now on my blog (with the exception of the tour posts already scheduled) and social networks... Thing is I recently lost my grandpa and so I was away with my family. I came back to London a couple of days ago, but I was really exhausted and let's face it, not in the mood to do a post or anything at all.

I considered (and I always will) my grandpa like a father to me, and I'm afraid I haven't exactly properly processed the whole situation yet. It might be because I stayed strong for everyone, or the fact I had to keep working despite everything, and so my mind was occupied with things I would have gladly put aside, but I couldn't. Anyway, truth is I don't know how I feel. Seriously, for the first time in my life I have no idea. Ask me the question and I won't be able to answer you. I keep going, of course, but I-don't-know how I feel. What I know for sure is that I'm glad Franny was there with and for me (like always), and I'm deeply thankful for the love and support of some amazing people (to Kay and Tom, I particularly appreciated all your thoughts and your constant kindness).

Thanks everyone for understanding and stay tuned, I'm taking control of Darkest Sins again and new reviews will be on their way soon...

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