Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Kept" by Zoe Winters


SERIES: First Novella in the Blood Lust Anthology

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

As a cat therian (shifter), Greta’s blood is already sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, her blood is potent enough to kill for. When her tribe plans to sacrifice her, Greta must ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.


Most people find novellas frustrating to read because they end quickly. Of course, when we find a really good story we never want to see the end coming, but isn't this the case of every book, short or not? What's really important is to run into a good author who knows how to let you live in a dream state, no matter if it's just for one hour or an entire day.

Having said that, "Kept" is 86 pages of pure, amazing charm. There are more details than you can except to usually find in novellas, definitely great characters and lots of sexual tension going on between the main ones (especially during the first part) that made the whole read even more pleasurable. I was able to feel close to both, Greta and Dayne, they definitely got me on the right emotional level, plus Dayne isn't the classic hero... He's... Well, Dayne. Simple as that!

You can get "Kept" for free by subscribing to Zoe Winter's newsletter. All you have to do is send a blank email to FreeKept@gmail.com and I strongly suggest you to do so, because "Kept" is really a captivating introduction to a fascinating preternaturals world. Oh, and don't forget to visit TherianType.com Ha! Genius!

RATING: 4.5/5
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