Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Virgin Dancer" by Deborah Court


SERIES: Stand-alone

PUBLISHER: Deborah Court
GENRE: Erotic Romance
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

Jade, a small town girl who has recently moved to New York to become a professsional ballet dancer, is wildly determined to lose her virginity. She goes to a Lower East Side club and celebrates her birthday with friends—fully intending to choose the most handsome, charismatic man she'll meet there to introduce her to the art of love that night. Instantly she falls for the blonde, tall Swedish sex god who owns the club, pretending to be a pole dancer who wants to apply for a job. But Alrik has secrets of his own, and soon Jade gets entangled in a web of danger, mystery and relentless passion...


There's nothing about this book I can possibly say I haven't extremely enjoyed (even the cover, in perfect syntony with the book, trust me).

The plot is captivating and everything is all well written with a right dose of suspense that I wasn't expecting to find here at all. Jade and Alrik (who I wish I'd meet for real) are two great characters, well defined and realistic. I loved the way their relationship evolved and let me point out that sex here is something to particularly appreciate. When you read about the sex scenes (so damn good and very well described), you find they're there for a purpose. Sex isn't something the author added just for the pleasure of classifying the book as erotic romance or to give you a more exciting read, sex is something essential and it totally helps moving the story forward. I really loved every-single-page.

Deborah Court has a beautiful style and this book was unexpectedly exciting in many ways and sensually entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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