Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Thief of Shadows" by Elizabeth Hoyt


SERIES: Maiden Lane #4

GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
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When society widow Lady Isabel Beckinhall, becomes involved with the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children, she soon clashes with its manager, Winter Makepeace, whom she finds severely monastic, terribly solemn...and quite distractingly intriguing. And Winter does have a secret: at night he transforms into the masked avenger, the Ghost of St Giles. After the infamous Ghost of St Giles is wounded while rescuing a notorious pirate from the gallows, Isabel has no choice but to hide him from a raging mob, though she doesn't discover his identity. Winter—for his part—is haunted by this glimpse of the tender—and sensuousside of Lady Beckinhall, though he knows that they are too far apart socially ever to be together. But when a relentless dragoon captain begins hunting the Ghost of St Giles, Winter must decide if he can trust his secret, his life - and his heart—to Isabel's hands.


I was certain I would have loved this book, Elizabeth Hoyt's style is always impeccably captivating and sensually overwhelming, it's impossible not to be totally enthralled every time. What I really wasn't expecting at all was to fall in love with Winter Makepeace! I never felt a great connection with him and after the amazing Mickey O'Connor (the pirate hero of the previous instalment), I would have said there was no competition with anyone. Still, here I am with shiny eyes talking about Winter... Beautiful under every aspect, his tormented soul and the chemistry with Lady Isabel Beckinhall are what allure the reader the most. How everything grows and develops between the two of them not only amuses you, but arouses you. And this just from their chatting, so mesmerizing...

Romance, seduction, mystery, action, danger, this book has been one of the best historical romances I've read so far and what an exquisite cover it has! I strongly suggest you not only to pick up this book, but the entire series, because Hoyt delivers you some of the most intriguing plots with outstanding characters you can ever dream of!

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