Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrating Vaempires Birthday!!

One year ago, Vaempires: Revolution was released. Shouldn't just this be a reason enough to celebrate? BUT, what if I say we're celebrating the birthday of its author, as well? You heard that right, it's an awesome double birthday today AND, because of that, for the next two days, Vaempires: Zombie Rising is FREE on Amazon!

Væmpires have taken control of twelve major cities. Their leader, Vielyn, seeks the atomic weapons that will bring the rest of the world to its knees.

Vampire forces are reeling. As Linq and Ray race to the royal estate to rendezvous with Cassandra and Daniel … the princess is captured and Daniel falls.

With the fate of world shifting to their teenage shoulders, Linq and Ray must deal with tremendous losses while battling a most unexpected—and undeadly—new foe.

Want to know more about this kick-ass series? Check out my reviews:

*Happy Birthday Tom and your first amazing book success!*


  1. What an amazing surprise, Silvia! Thank you so much. Vaempires is as much yours, as mine, so it's fitting that we celebrate together. :)

    1. How sweet of you! I wouldn't have missed the celebration for anything in the world!
      Happy birthday again!! :)

  2. What an awesome celebration!! Sounds like fun!! I can't wait to read VZR!! I'm all about the action!!

  3. Well damn!! I'm late to the game but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) I've shared all over!! It's a special birthday to celebrate!!


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