Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Keep Me Safe" by Skye Warren


SERIES: Dark Erotica #1

PUBLISHER: Skye Warren
GENRE: Dark Erotica
SOURCE: Purchased
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

When Rachel is abducted by a group of thugs, one man steps in. Zachary wants her for himself, and she has no choice but to trust this stranger to keep her safe. When danger strikes again, Rachel's body may endure the pain, but will their tenuous bond survive the abuse?
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and disturbing situations. Please don’t read this book if that makes you uncomfortable or offends you. For ages 18+ only.


I've already read the next two instalments of this Dark Erotica series, "Trust In Me" and "Hear Me", so I knew what I was going through when I picked up "Keep Me Safe". Gosh, I bought it because of that! But here's my warning, when you choose to read a Skye Warren's work, you need to keep in mind that you're leaving your comfort zone and being dragged to a totally twisted world for a few hours (your mind possibly more). Are you ok with it? Can you handle reading about disturbing situations and graphic violence? Then you're ready for a real dark erotica read.

The beginning of "Keep Me Safe" is unexpectedly disturbing and yet quite a wow-what-a-perfect-start-for-a-dark-erotica-book. You see everything from Rachel's point of view and the intensity of her conflicting emotions made me sympathize with the whole situation. As a matter of fact, I felt so close to Rachel that at some point I had the same frightening thought "I really shouldn't like it, but..." Thanks, Zachary.

With 90 pages, this book is the fastest in the series so far, but still, I found it the right opening for a very dark series full of suspense, mystery, sex, violence and with definitely strong plots that play a huge role in every book. Skye Warren did it again, she freaking captivated me and now I can't wait for another new chapter to be released!

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