Friday, November 23, 2012

May I present...

I've been working on this for a very long time and now the time to reveal it has finally arrived...
I'm officially a Managing Director and I'm thrilled to present to you my (and Franny's) own Company:

Our Company offers customized boutique services for both Indie authors and published ones. Among other services, we organize book tours and we're accepting host submissions! We're already organizing a cover reveal and a few other tours are ready to be announced in the next few days. Go to our site, read the Hosts FAQ first and then apply if you want to be a tour host for us!

And now, a big surprise (hehe, I can see all your curious/happy faces)... To celebrate the Company launch, we're running a stunning International giveaway on our site. Eight amazing authors whom we already had the pleasure to work with, kindly offered a bunch of wonderful books and swags!! Check out our site, everyone is welcome to join and to spread the word about Dark World Books! :)

Thank you!!

Silvia & Franny
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