Thursday, November 01, 2012

"The Ferryman's Wife" by Georgina Merry


SERIES: Devils Light #1

PUBLISHER: Georgina Merry
GENRE: YA Paranormal
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

A spoilt heiress is propelled into a dark world of lost souls where she is taken prisoner by powerful being known only as The Ferryman. Lady Madeline Farrington has what most girls want: money, beauty and a string of handsome and wealthy admirers. From a young age she's had everything she asked for. Getting what she wants has become an expectation. At sixteen both her and her cousin are of age, and are welcomed into adult society at The Duke of Angledin's ball. There she meets the mysterious and enigmatic Laurie de Bufort. She decides that she wants him too, even if it means hurting her cousin and best friend, Celia. But Madeline is about to learn that having everything you want can be dangerous, and that knowing Laurie de Bufort comes at a terrible price...


"The Ferryman's Wife" is the first instalment of a series called Devils Light that I'd describe in two simple words: fascinating and original. Ok, let's be completely honest and say extremely original!

Lady Madeline is one of those characters usually readers are not very fond of because of the annoying kind of behaviour she has indeed... But here's the great thing, no matter what, you'll find difficult not to like Maddie in some way. She really is different from the heroines we read about and I found genuinely good to feel an attachment to a character like hers, or even The Ferryman. Yes, at some point that happened too, I couldn't help it. Not that I liked him in the same way I truly liked a 'certain' Nick, of course, but still. The author was able to put me in everybody shoes, it is a very hard task to do but she managed everything so well that she greatly succeeded and, because of that, I enjoyed every minute.

The story and the worlds Georgina Merry tells us about, totally charm you from the very first pages and make you curious about secrets and plots all the way long. A great debut novel I hope it's the first step of a great success!

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