Monday, January 28, 2013

"Before the Moon Rises" by Catherine Bybee


SERIES: Ritter Werewolves #1
PUBLISHER: Catherine Bybee
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

After a twelve-hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O’Brien is beat. Her last patient arrives unconscious and naked. She’s lead to believe he’s a psyche patient off his meds. However, once he awakens, Janet is charmed by his million-dollar smile and agrees to give him a ride home.  Werewolf, Max Ritter notices the sassy nurse when he wakes after a night under the full moon. Unfortunately, his archrival is drawn to Janet as well. In order to keep her out of harm's way, he opts to keep her close. When the chemistry between them sparks, Max discovers a completely new reason to keep Janet safe.


Short stories are undoubtedly hard to write. Readers are always full of expectations and building an interesting plot with captivating characters in a limited amount of words is a big challenge for every author. Why am I telling you this? Because Catherine Bybee is one of those authors who succeeded in such challenge.

"Before The Moon Rises" is a fast read but one to really enjoy. It's sexy, intriguing and entertaining. Bybee knows well how to use the humour key as much as putting her knowledge and experience of the ER on paper. The only thing that disappointed me was the rush towards the end, but overall this is definitely a novella that drew me in and left me curious to read more of this author.

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