Thursday, February 07, 2013

"In The Flesh" by Portia Da Costa


SERIES: The Ladies' Sewing Circle #5
PUBLISHER: Mills & Boon
GENRE: Erotic/Historical Romance
SOURCE: Borrowed
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Beatrice Weatherly's reputation is in tatters. With scandalous pictures of her being scrutinised by the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice's only hope—a respectable marriage—is dashed. Then powerful, wealthy Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie offers an indecent proposal: for one month of hedonistic servitude, he'll pay off her brother's debts. But nothing can prepare Beatrice for the worst, for discovering that she enjoys her degradation and delights in the dark fantasies that Edmund has awakened. In fact, she's fast becoming addicted to a life—and a man—that can never wholly be hers.


"In The Flesh" is a book I won't hesitate to recommend to the ones who love to lose themselves in the pleasure of the perfect mix of erotica and historical romance. The plot might sound simple but it's fluid and, thanks to the scandals and, of course, to the characters' desires, it's very compelling. Lust and love are both equally strong in this novel, you can feel your toes curl up all the time but still, your heart demands its part, too. Sometimes I felt on the verge of crying and others I simply had the urge to jump in the arms of Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie. Also, let me put it this way, where Ritchie's fantasises were going wild all the time, mine were possibly going even further... Indeed, Da Costa knows how to reach your dark dreams and feed them with the right intensity. In this case with Ritchie and Bea, and why not, even... Curious, aren't you? Pick up the book!

I've never read anything by Portia Da Costa before, "In The Flesh" was my first read of this gorgeous author and it goes without saying that it surely won't be my last one.

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