Monday, February 04, 2013

"Vanish" by Sophie Jordan


SERIES: Firelight #2
PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press
GENRE: YA Paranormal
SOURCE: Purchased
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Jacinda did the unthinkable for love: she betrayed the most closely-guarded secret of her kind. Exposed for what she really is—a descendant of dragons with the ability to shift into human form—she must return to her pride knowing she might never see Will again. Jacinda knows she should just forget him, yet she clings to the hope that they'll be together again. So when the chance arrives to follow her heart, will she risk everything?


You have no idea how difficult it is to write this review for me. I was so enthusiastic with the first instalment and pretty sure to have found a very unique series with fantastic characters in it. Then I read "Vanish" and now I can't express how much disappointed I am enough.

The whole book focuses on Jacinda and her back and forth between Will and her family. She wants to be with Will but on the other hand she can't leave her mother and sister. How can she walk away from them? They're all she has and their relationship is priceless, they're all so close... Seriously? Do you realize we previously read "Firelight", right Jacinda? But let's keep going and what do we have here? Cassian and of course the inevitable struggling triangle with I'm afraid an even more irritating back and forth: Maybe I feel something for Cassian... - No, I love Will, he's the only one I want. - But Cassian could be... - No, there's only Will in my heart! Go on and on like this until the end and be prepared because I have serious doubts there won't be more of this in the final book.

In all honesty, it was like reading a book written by another person. I didn't recognize Sophie Jordan's style at all, I wasn't emotionally involved, there wasn't a plot but a constant whining instead and all the characters lost their original charm and became completely strangers who are anything but likeable. That part of me who loved "Firelight" would like to finish the trilogy when the third book comes out, but of course, with the actual disappointment and the vanished magic, I can't say I'll read it for sure.

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