Monday, May 20, 2013

"Once Bitten, Forever Burned" by Eve Langlais and Stacey Kennedy


SERIES: Stand-alone/Mini anthology
PUBLISHER: Eve Langlais
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

A mini anthology containing:
Bethany lost her one and only love to a war overseas. As if that weren’t bad enough, a brutal attack and claiming by a Lycan makes her life a living hell. She lives only for revenge until the day love comes back into her life and promises to rescue her from her misery. However, the mate who forced her isn’t about to let her go. Devon died on the battlefield only to be reborn as a creature of the night. He fights to stay away from his one true love, but when he caves to his desire and sees her again, he discovers redemption is possible even for one who walks in darkness.
CRUZ'S SALVATION by Stacey Kennedy
Cruz understands torment. A mortal turned vampire in the war, he has suffered untold loneliness and despair. That is until he meets Kiara—a werewolf he’s forbidden to love. Though Kiara needs Cruz, and wants him forever, werewolves and vampires are bitter enemies. To make matters worse, her Alpha, also her father, suspects that Kiara pines for a mate. Mistaking her sadness for the longing she feels for Cruz, he sets out to give her all the happiness he can provide. Together, Kiara and Cruz will have to fight against the rules placed upon them to hold onto their love. But an unwanted visitor creates a complication neither of them planned for. Milo, Kiara’s chosen mate, has come to stake his claim. Now, not only are lives at risk, but hearts are threatened and dreams hang in the balance.


The story seemed intriguing, too bad that everything went way too fast for any hope of a well plot development. The characters weren't particularly believable and I'm afraid their dialogues sounded a bit silly, especially in the second story, where I had to laugh at some reactions. Also, although there's sex involved, there was no sensuality whatsoever and the hotness those kind of stories usually cause, didn't quite follow its course.

It was a very quick read, but unfortunately the writing style wasn't of my liking and with the rush of the events I couldn't really enjoy the eBook at all.

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