Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspired Fridays (#2)

Inspired Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by Inkk ReviewsYou don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show something you maybe have done, want to try, or whatever inspires you!

Here's what inspires me this week...

(picture from Pinterest)
Considering I've been sick all week (boo) and I'm still recovering (sob-sob), where else my mind could possibly keep going if not to a place like the one on the left? Imagine: a peaceful, tropical place with no "distractions" and only quiet... And books, of course! ;P

Sigh, the sad part is that even if I'd really need some sane, blessing relaxing time far away, I can't go on vacation this summer at all :( ...BUT nobody can prevent me from dreaming my perfect holiday, right? 

So, let's see...

What I'd need to relax in such a Paradise?
(picture from Pinterest)
But I'm a water girl (so to speak), then perhaps I might need this more...
(picture from Pinterest)
And God forbid I won't spend time enjoying the view!
(picture from Pinterest)
What do you think? And what inspires you?
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