Thursday, September 05, 2013

"The Proposal" by Mary Balogh


SERIES: The Survivors' Club #1
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
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Lady Gwendoline Muir experienced her fair share of tragedies in her short life: she lost her husband to a freak accident, and developed a limp after falling from horseback. Still young, Gwen is sure that she's done with love, and that she will never be married again. Gwen tries to be content with her life as it is, and to live through the marriages of her brother and her cousin and best friend, Viscountess Ravensberg. She's happy for them, and for years that is enough for her... until she meets Lord Tretham—a man who returned from the Peninsular Wars a hero, but is unable to escape the bite of his survivor's guilt. For he might just be the man who can convince her to believe in second chances.


"The Proposal" is a very pleasant book I devoured in a matter of hours. We get to meet lots of characters, or at least we're introduced to them and, even if it's difficult to memorise every relation, it's easy to remember the important ones. What's for sure is that the intriguing Survivors' Club members have all their stories to tell and I'm really looking forward to know each and every one of them.

Gwendoline and Hugo are from different classes but they both have particular families who share the same wish, they want to see them happy. Of course, those two don't see how this can be possible. Pushing unpleasant pasts aside to look at (hope for) a bright future is not a simple thing to do plus, if you're in search of redemption and/or a different kind of companion at your side, then the mission sounds impossible. But all this can't stop us from being hopelessly romantic, right? And Gwen and Hugo surely know how to warm a reader's heart...

There are a couple of steamy scenes deliciously well presented and I must say that every dialogue can put you in a flirting mood as easily as a funny one. But I dare say that this book is lovely because of the simplicity of the plot, and I'm already on my way with the second instalment!

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