Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"The Siren" by Tiffany Reisz


SERIES: The Original Sinners #1
PUBLISHER: Mills & Boon
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica
SOURCE: Publisher
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She tore herself from the man she adored, who transformed her, who possessed her...who would have destroyed her. Now she is adored by a man she must not have. She thinks she knows what it means to be pushed to her limits. She's wrong.


"The Siren" drags you to the S&M world. Darkness is scarier than ever here, there are the ones who become sexually aroused by inflicting pain (sadists) and the ones who gain pleasure in receiving it (masochists). It certainly is something that puts you out of your comfort zone, but I must confess that at the same time I couldn't avoid being amazed. No, I'm not up for beating a person until they bleed or worse. No, I'm not turned on by such a thing. Yes, the whys behind all of it enthral me. This is because Tiffany Reisz has a powerful way with words and the reasons she presents are something that makes you wonder a lot about things you probably would have never taken into consideration. Do not think of sex, there is not much as you would expect because sex is not the focus of the story. I loved that and I can guarantee you that the few sinfully scenes are well thought and they all serve for a purpose, as it always should be.

The characters are very complex and for that even more captivating. They all have their secrets and dark pasts to share with the reader and I wish with all my heart I could say I totally hate Søren, but he kept surprising me with his fascinating theology and, damn him, I couldn't bring myself to completely dislike him. That really scares me... So, thank Reisz for Wesley! A forbidden fruit, with his innocence and basically his perfection, Wes will save us all. At least he will try hard to...

In more than one occasion I held unshed tears and even if days have gone by, I keep having a deep sadness inside that doesn't want to fade away... Devastating doesn't cover the half of this read. Overwhelming, seductive, sinful and original, "The Siren" is an amazing book that will provoke you from the very first sentence and indeed, it will change your world.

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