Monday, October 14, 2013

"His for Christmas" by Jennifer Haymore


SERIES: House of Trent #1.5
PUBLISHER: Piatkus Entice
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
LINKS: Goodreads

Jennifer Haymore introduced sweet, but shy Lady Esme in The Duchess Hunt, the first novel in her House of Trent Series. But what readers may not know is that proper young Lady Esme has a secret: the youngest sister of the Duke of Trent privately pens erotic stories! Society would never allow Lady Esme to share her own work, so her friend Jennifer Haymore is here to help—and just in time for Christmas!
His for Christmas is the steamy story of two travelers who find themselves stranded in an inn when an unexpected snowstorm blankets the English countryside. As the temperature drops, desire rises and the two strangers share a night of passion unlike anything either has ever experienced. When dawn breaks and the storm clears, will they continue on their separate journeys, or will they begin a new path together?


Jennifer Haymore does a great job delivering those novellas under Lady Esme's hand. I always imagine this Lady writing them down and I just love it! Every time, her characters result quite entertaining and the stories are very pleasant to read. Just like "His for Christmas", a simple, short story that is sweet but also sensually enthralling... Charming and oh-boy sexy!

A misunderstanding can be painful and it certainly can make you go blind with anger but, as much as it may sound contradictory, perhaps a snowstorm can help you see things clearly... Amelia and Evan's reunion definitely make this a lovely novella to read during the holidays, it does have that Christmassy magic love that, despite being expected, enchants us because, let's face it, those kind of stories leave an inevitable smile on our face and a warm feeling in our heart.

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