Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspired Fridays (#22)

Inspired Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by Inkk ReviewsYou don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show something you maybe have done, want to try, or whatever inspires you!

Here's what inspires me this week...

While many authors and bloggers are very busy with NaNoWriMo, I'm dreaming to live in a book (Just now? You sure?). We all at least hundreds one time in our lives have asked ourselves what our name would be like if we were one of our fave creatures in a paranormal/fantasy story, right? Oh well, I did and, just for fun, I played with my own name using the generators you see in the pictures below. You can play along as well, just click on the pictures and, if you fancy any other fantasy creature, you'll find many others on the website. Being a vampire or a dragon would be my personal choice so, here are my names with boy, what an attitude! :P

The Great Archives determine that I have gone by the vampire identity:
Nokomis Ruthven
Known in some parts of the world as:
Wraith of Hanging Ghosts
Of this vampire the Great Archives record:
Beautiful and alluring - hiding great power, great danger.

My Dragon name is:
Hafras Chaos-Snapper The Convulsor
She spits deadly bolts of electricity!
She is a chameleon dragon with scales that change colour depending on mood.
She bites like a viper at anything that comes in range. This one is very irritable!

What do you think? And what inspires you?


  1. Franny @ Mind Reader15 November 2013 at 11:59

    OMG, this is so cool!!! I tried both, using my own name, and this is the result:

    Nokomis Byron
    Known in some parts of the world as:Queen Regent of The Nosferat
    Of this vampire the Great Archives record:Born of blue blood, drinks only from the bluest of throats. Imagines itself sophisticated.

    Ksakhan Light-Saurus The Smoker
    She turns the sky as black as pitch with choking clouds of smoke!
    She has scales as light as the dawn.
    She is an intelligent dragon with dexterous claws. This one is an excellent crafter.

    You guys must try this!!!

  2. Ksakhan sounds great and Nokomis Byron...a bit picky, LOL I know, watch out, never judge a sophisticated vampire Queen... ;P

  3. These generators are so amusing! I love it! I generated my own name. My vampire name is Bertha Hawk, known as Sirona of the Black Forest. I am an elderly mortal who did not want to die! This is so awesome!
    And my Dragon name is Wrar Crimson-Howler the Ruby Collector! She is desirous of precious jewels and shiny things! She has scales as crimson as glowing embers. She howls like a banshee when breathing fire. This one could scorch the very sun. Ahahaha I'm really enjoying this! xDD

  4. I love your Dragon name and Bertha didn't want to die, huh? I can totally sympathise with that, haha!
    I'm happy you're having a great time with these generators, Naddy :)

  5. This is so cool! I like the dragon. Seems bad-ass.

    By the way I posted pictures of my box just now.

  6. I like your Dragon, too! She kinda sounds like a survivor and such an intriguing creature...
    Also, I like the pictures you posted! :)


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