Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Caged Warrior" by Lindsey Piper


SERIES: Dragon Kings #1
PUBLISHER: Piatkus Entice
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Ten years ago, Audrey MacLaren chose to marry her human lover, making her an exile from the Dragon Kings, an ancient race of demons once worshiped as earthly gods. Audrey and her husband managed to conceive, and their son is the first natural-born Dragon King in a generation—which makes him irresistible to the sadistic scientist whose mafia-funded technology allows demon procreation. In the year since her husband was murdered, Audrey and her little boy have endured hideous experiments. Shackled with a collar and bound for life, Leto Garnis is a Cage warrior. Only through combat can Dragon Kings earn the privilege of conceiving children. Leto uses his superhuman speed and reflexes to secure the right for his two sisters to start families. After torture reveals Audrey’s astonishing pyrokenesis, she is sent to fight in the Cages. If she survives a year, she will be reunited with her son. Leto is charged with her training. Initially, he has no sympathy for her plight. But if natural conception is possible, what has he been fighting for? As enemies, sparring partners, lovers, and eventual allies, Leto and Audrey learn that in a violent underground world, love is the only prize worth winning.


"Caged Warrior" was a surprising read, especially because of its unique supernatural race, the Dragon Kings. They aren't shifters but they have special gifts that differ among five clans. Now, how would this sound to you in a sort of Spartacus scenario? Gladiators guys, Dragons oh-my-hotness gladiators. I think I made my point, didn't I?

I had a clear picture in my mind thanks to the descriptions given from the author, and I really liked the development of the relationship between Leto and Audrey. It was really difficult to not be touched by their own stories. They had different issues (also some between one another) and perhaps they didn't fight with the same passion, but they indeed did so for one reason only: family. The ones they care for are invaluable and they would do anything to keep them safe, even at the cost of their freedom or, in a worst-case scenario, their life...

Action and a strong attraction make this fast-paced book one to be devoured. Piper definitely created a compelling world in which violence, sorrow and hope lead the reader to savour every moment with a passion that perhaps they didn't know they possessed. I can't wait to dig deeper into the whole exciting plot!



  1. Oh wow. That sounds different. And intense. I'm so in! That cover is pretty darn eye catching too (I'm all about the covers lol) Thanks for the heads up on this one it was the first time I'd seen it!

  2. It was definitely a refreshing read and intense for sure! I share the same feeling about the cover and I'm glad I could bring something new to your attention, Anna :)

  3. Ooo, look at those eyes! Love them. Sounds very very good. :)

  4. Those eyes are very good. He is amazingly good. The whole book is pretty good! ;)

  5. I'm so happy you enjoyed it as much as I did, Ellie! I already have the second instalment and it's kinda staring at me, full of expectations... So who knows, it won't probably take long for me to read it ;)

  6. Oooh this book sounds good - Like one of those books that just tug at your heart strings and suck you in!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  7. So glad to hear that! Hope you get the chance to read it soon, even though I know how difficult it is to put a book in a huge TBR pile on Top...
    Thanks for the follow and have a wonderful Friday! :)

  8. Nice review Silvia... you certainly grabbed my attention, sounds like something I would enjoy!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  9. Wow, this sounds great, Silvia! Definitely my kind of book. ;) I'm adding it to my TBR.

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog - I'm now following you via GFC and email. :) Happy Friday!

  10. I read this book a while I go and just like you, I really enjoyed. I've been meaning to read the next one in the series for some time not, but I haven't gotten to it yet :) Great review!


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