Monday, February 10, 2014

Back in business with Blog Makeovers & goodies to share!

*Book yours now and spread the word!*
Perhaps some of you remember my Interested in a Blog Makeover? page, surely those I designed headers & buttons for remember that just fine :)
Well, I have the pleasure to inform you that I'm back in business! At least for a while... With Valentine's Day approaching, my birthday in less than two months and the Blogoversary in less than three (WOW, lots to celebrate, girl!), I thought it was nice to re-introduce the service for the time-frame covering all those celebrations. And, why not, give away something...

So, here's what it's going to be: everyone booking a blog makeover automatically enters in a raffle to win a $10 Amazon GC & a swag with... Uh, why would I ruin the surprise, right? But wait, that's not all. If I reach a good number of requests, I'm going to select not one but two winners!! And, before you ask, yep, I'll be sending you the prize wherever you are ;)

On May 2nd, I will announce the winner/s with a special post in which I will also show and promote all the blogs with my new designs on.

What do you think? And, most importantly, do you need a makeover or want to revamp your blog? If the answer is YES, click HERE, check out prices, portfolio and then fill the form!
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