Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Lord of the Vampires" by Gena Showalter


SERIES: Royal House of Shadows #1
PUBLISHER: Mills & Boon
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
SOURCE: Borrowed
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Dangerously sexy vampire Nicolai was renowned for his virility, but now fate has turned against The Dark Seducer. Cast out from his home, Nicolai has been doomed to become a sex slave in the magical kingdom of Delfina. Stripped of his memory all that remains of Nicolai's mind is the primal need for freedom, revenge—and the only woman who can help him. The vampire calls to Jane Parker in her dreams, drawing her to his dark sensuality—and towards Delfina. Yet life is anything but a fairytale for humans in the mystical land. And while Jane may be the key to unlocking Nicolai's memory, exploiting her means dooming the only mortal he craves.


I'd never read anything by Gena Showalter before but, since I've always heard great things about her titles, I was sure this book would have amazed me. That was a very wrong guess from my part. I shouldn't have had high expectations in the first place, I would have avoided the disappointment...maybe.

At first, I thought it was going to be an exciting read. I was eager to live the pre-announced adventure in a fantasy world with magical creatures and I couldn't wait for the action to kick in but, suddenly, an ongoing back and forth of 'Mine' started... Now, I do love alpha males and, let's be honest, their possessiveness is what captivates us the most, but it kinda lost its power/charm in here. 'Mine' was a word used too easily and it sounded way repetitive, like the dialogues between the couple. For me Nicolai wasn't a hero to fall for and Jane's concerns and her constant mind ramblings were annoying most of the times.

I liked the idea, the plot was there but the development was very disappointing, and sometimes confusing. Nevertheless, even if this book didn't do well for me, I feel like I should not give up on Showalter just yet.



  1. Silvia, Gene Showalter is one of those authors who is completely hit it or miss with me. Sometimes I love it and other times I think it is just awful, like DNF awful. I always feel bad, but I understand exactly what you are saying.

  2. It kinda makes me feel a bit better, at least less alone. Of course, I'm sorry you had such bad experiences with her titles. Hope I won't have to cross the DNF line, it's something I avoided so far since it bothers me to leave any book unfinished and I'd like to keep it that way...

  3. I like her books but I know they aren't for everybody.
    I'm sorry it didn't work for you

  4. Bookworm Brandee11 March 2014 at 23:06

    I haven't read a Showalter book yet, Silvia. And I do like the premise of this one. But sometimes that's not enough, right? I'm sorry this one missed the mark for you and you were so disappointed. I hope your next read ROCKS! :)

  5. Oh no! I have just taken out The first book of The Lords of the Underworld from the Library and have heard great things about that series. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. Let's hope the other books are better!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  6. I'm sorry, too, but I'm glad they seem to work well for you :)

  7. I liked the premise a lot, it just didn't work out well for me. I wasn't really expecting the writing to let me down in such a way that I wanted to really shut it down and get over with it more than once. Not the best of feelings for a reader :(

  8. Oops... Well, I hope it will work out well for you, Chanzie. As you can see from the comments here, for some didn't work at all but for others worked fine. My piece of advice is not to focus on what you heard about it, just read it and see what it gives you personally.

  9. Bummer. I want to try her books one day. :)

  10. I'll try another one of her titles at some point, to know for sure if this was a single case or her writing style is just not for me.


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