Thursday, March 20, 2014

"The Awakening" by Emma Jones


SERIES: The Awakening #1
GENRE: YA Paranormal
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads

Do you believe in vampires? Ghosts? The supernatural world? Meet Lauren who instantly clicks with Gavin at a friend’s BBQ. Everything goes well until Lauren starts to experience strange things and hears a weird voice. It seems like a warning but from what? Lauren eventually makes the startling discovery that Gavin is a vampire and it has profound consequences for herself. The arrival of Daniel makes things even more confusing for Lauren as she is warned he is bad news from a ghostly source. Laurens life is turned upside down as things she thought were myths and legends become real and she struggles to cope with everything she has discovered. Will Lauren and Gavin’s relationship survive and what about the mysterious Daniel?


Despite finding the cover catchy, I'm afraid I didn't find the book as appealing as I thought. Where you should finish the read in a matter of hours, I spent six days reading the book instead. I had to put it down from time to time mainly because of the writing, which I found way too rushed, and it definitely didn't let me connect with the characters. Time passes too easily, one moment Lauren is making an appointment and the next thing you know she already came back from it and she's making plans for a new one. Meanwhile, some big events/reveals take place, but apparently everyone keeps carrying on pretty well with their lives like it's not a big deal after all. Unfortunately, I couldn't get close to the characters, their reactions didn't sound believable, and rushing every scene most certainly didn't help the cause.

It's a shame because the storyline could have been a compelling one, but with such a poor development it just didn't stand out. However, this is a debut novel and with some improvement I can see the author delivering a good story.



  1. what a shame, the cover and premise look & sound good but what you describe would have made me DNF it.

  2. Bookworm Brandee20 March 2014 at 18:42

    I'm sorry this one was sort of a dud, Silvia. I hope your current read is fantastic! :)

  3. I agree about cover and premise, but the general development put me down and couldn't really enjoy the book as much as I wanted. Anyway, call it a compulsion, I can't DNF a book, I always have to reach the end, no matter what.

  4. I am, too... As for my current read, it is fantastic, indeed! :)

  5. Bummer. Sorry it was a little short for you.

  6. Too bad you couldn't get into the characters and the story the way you would have liked, Silvia. It's not a good thing when things are too rushed. Also, if the characters don't seem to be affected by what's happening, the readers can't really be either.

    Great review. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  7. It happens, but I really thought this would be of my liking.

  8. I totally agree and that's why, from my point of view, rushing things is never the wisest choice.
    I had a very good one, thanks! Hope your week is going to rock, Lexxie :)

  9. Awe sorry this one didn't work out so well. The best remedy is to move onto a new great book :)

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.


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