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"The Scoundrel's Seduction" by Jennifer Haymore


SERIES: House of Trent #3
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
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Undercover agent Sam Hawkins has devoted his life to protecting king and country. So when he receives orders to assassinate a ruthless traitor, he doesn't question his mission. But Sam doesn't know his deed has a witness—the beautiful and mysterious betrayer's wife. Now he has no choice but to take her as his prisoner—one he can neither trust...nor resist. Élise, Lady Dunthorpe, will do anything to escape her powerful captor—including seducing him senseless. She didn't know of her miserable husband's crimes, but she has secrets of her own, secrets that threaten everything she holds dear. With his piercing dark eyes and gentle touch, Sam inflames Élise's deepest desires. But how could she ever trust a man who won't let her go? Caught between the crown he's sworn to serve and the woman he's come to love, Sam will risk his heart—and his very life—to keep her safe.


When I received this book for review, a part of me was excited and the other was terribly sad because it seemed like the time to say goodbye to the House of Trent had come. But Sam—Oh Sam—made the end of the journey so pleasurable and adventurous that, in the end, I didn't shed any tears but I had a satisfied smile on my face.

Sam and Élise are a perfect match. Attraction clicks instantly between the two of them, and restraining themselves from taking any kind of action on the matter requires a lot of work from both parts. Ok, mostly from Sam's. Nevertheless, when passion arises, prepare yourself for something seriously intense... But, even though seduction and romance play a big role, so do action and thrilling twists. The author does a great job in revising all the main events happened in the past year, putting even new readers in a comfortable position before finally revealing secrets and mysteries. Of course, the mystery around the Dowager Duchess disappearance is the one everyone was expecting the most and, indeed, here we get our answers. I admit that I found myself disagreeing with certain Duchess' reactions, but what came out from it all is something good and perhaps unexpected.

Jennifer Haymore has undoubtedly written a wonderful historical romance! Needless to say, a piece of my heart will always remain at Ironwood Park and in dreamingly hope for Lady Esme's own story one day...



  1. Oh I want to read about Sam. I hate when series/trilogies I love come to end, it is always so bittersweet. Gads, OK Silvia I need to go to Ironwood Park.

  2. Ooo I didn't realize this one was only going to be three books. That's so sad! Glad it was a good one though :)

  3. Oooh I'm going to tell my co-blogger about this one, sounds right up her alley. Thanks!!

  4. Andrea @The Bookish Babe23 May 2014 at 05:39

    Wow! I haven't heard of this series before, but I am intrigued. I haven't read a lot of historical romance in the past few years, but I've been itching to dive back in.
    I'm so happy you were satisfied by The Scoundrel's Seduction and happy with the series's end

  5. I know I read a book by this author but I don't remember which one. I'm curious about it though, it sounds like you had a really good moment here! I should try.

  6. You should go, Kimberly, and spend some quality time with this unforgettable family...

  7. It is sad, but I won't abandon my hope of reading Lady Esme's story one day! And yes, it was good and so was the Epilogue :)

  8. If she likes historical romances, then you should definitely give her a shout about this one! I strongly recommend the House of Trent series (including its novellas) ;)

  9. I'm a sucker for historical romances, I could go on and on reading just those! This one was a great series and yes, I'm totally satisfied :)

  10. I had a fantastic time, not with just this instalment but with the whole series! I hope you will try it, Melliane!

  11. It's always hard to finish a series, it also makes me sad when the time comes to say goodbye to the characters. Good thing it left you satisfied though, I sometimes hate when it doesn't live up to my expectations and give me the closure I need to move on from the series.

    Historical romance is such a great genre! I'm glad you enjoyed this book, will try to look it up later. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  12. This series was a real pleasure to read from start to finish, and I'm with you about the historical romance genre! I'll be curious to read your thoughts in case you decide to go for it, Melissa :)


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