Friday, July 04, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Family

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat.
Every week we talk about a non-bookish topic, so that we get to know each other on a more personal level.

This week's topic: FAMILY

Even though my family and I are geographically separated (me living in UK, them being in Italy), we talk to each other every day and we most certainly have one of the best and closer relationships ever. They've always been supportive and they never ceased to push me to follow my dreams and be happy. How can you not love them?

My mum is a real role-model. I respect her and truly admire her for everything she does and says constantly. She never gives up and not only she believes in me and my sister, but she keeps doing everything in her power (and more) to guarantee us safety and happiness. Thanks mum!!

My sister—who is 22-years-old but she will always be my lil sis—is just like me. She's been following my steps from the very beginning which, in a way, is kinda scary because I'm under pressure not to f*ck up ever, LOL No, seriously, I've always been good, no need to worry or to panic! :P Besides, she's doing an amazing job on her own and I couldn't be prouder of her :)

My Grandma is the one who has a special place in my heart. She has been an amazing second mum to me and it's because of her that I inherited my passion for reading and also for cinema, which has led to my degree. Plus, she hugely contributed to some of my best childhood memories!

Unfortunately, my Grandpaa wonderful human being who never stopped being proud of me and never lost a chance to praise me with friends and familypassed away two years ago. That has been devastating...He was like a father figure for me and I miss him terribly every minute of every single day...

So, you see, we may be miles and miles apart, but we always love and support one another in every circumstance. That's why my family rules!
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