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"Potent Pleasures" by Eloisa James


SERIES: Pleasures #1
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
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Reckless desire sends Charlotte Daicheston into the garden with a dashing masked stranger. He's powerful, unforgettable, a devastatingly handsome footman who lures her—not against her will—into a grand indiscretion at a masquerade ball. Then he vanishes. Several years later, after Charlotte has made her dazzling debut in London society, they meet again. But the rogue is no footman. He's rich, titled and he doesn't remember Charlotte. Worse, he's the subject of some scandalous gossip: rumour has it, the earl's virility is in question. Charlotte, who knows all too intimately the power of his passion, is stunned by the gossip that has set society ablaze. At last, there can be a storybook ending...unless, of course, Charlotte's one mad indiscretion had not been with him at all...


Scandals and gossips always spread like the plague, and way too often add some 'spicy' untruthful details that make them hard to digest for the interested people, full of jealousy and repressed hatred.

Not swooning over Alex McDonough Foakes proves to be quite a challenge for Charlotte as much as for the reader. There are certainly moments where your knees feel weak and others in which you refrain yourself from deliberately falling into Alex's arms...He shows quite a temper after a certain news is delivered to him, even so when he makes a discovery of his own. Too bad he can't bring himself to listen to his Charlotte, who can't make him reason at all and, for that, she suffers a great deal of injustice. But even though I sympathized with her—finding Alex's behaviour really cruel sometimes—I also considered Alex's pov and, in a way, I understood where his rage came from. I'm not justifying his actions, but I can see why the whole situation makes him blind with anger. Boy, if the very first encounter between these two didn't mess with their heads up first and their lives after...

Once again, I found Eloisa James' writing ravishing as much as her characters. It's safe to say that, with an unstoppable whirlwind of emotions, this author makes her books potent pleasures, indeed!

RATING: 4.5/5


  1. Ooo you have me curious Silvia and that cover is lovely :)

  2. She's one I've been meaning to try for ages! One of my reader friends just adores her books and sent me a couple. I can't believe I'd not tried them yet. Some day hopefully :)

  3. I hope I got you curious enough to try it, Kimberly! ;)

  4. This is my fourth Eloisa James' book and, at this point, it's safe to say that her writing works beautifully for me! I don't know which books your friend sent you, but I do hope you'll give them a go, Anna :)

  5. Andrea Thompson5 July 2014 at 07:42

    I've been meaning to try an Eloisa James book too. This one sounds good and I'm glad you ended up liking Alex!

  6. I've tried more than one in several of her series and always ended up having a great time. Hope her books will work so well for you, too, Andrea!

  7. Perhaps he doesn't remember her because of the circumstances in which they met the first time... The cruelty (which never ends up in 'violence', btw) comes out right because of those circumstances that create misunderstandings and truths not revealed—or not believed—at the right moment, together with a previous unpleasant situation Alex had to endure. That is basically what makes you ponder over every kind of reaction and think twice before totally condemn the hero in here ;)

  8. Wow this sounds like a wonderful read! Glad you enjoyed it :) Alex sounds smexy!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  9. He really is...and it was a great book!

  10. Oh my, I wonder who did Charlotte have the indiscretion with if it wasn't with Alex, no wonder he doesn't remember her, lol. I really don't like overly angry characters who become cruel because of this, but I'll give this character the benefit of the doubt until I see for myself the whole picture. Awesome review, Silvia!


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