Monday, September 22, 2014

"Age of Iron" by Angus Watson


SERIES: Iron Age #1

GENRE: Fantasy
SOURCE: Publisher
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Dug Sealskinner is a work-shy mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar's army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people. Now Dug's on the wrong side of the thousands-strong army he hoped to join—and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side. All Dug has is war hammer; one small child and one unpredictable, highly trained warrioress with a lust for revenge that might get them all killed...


This book has been quite challenging for me. It's not my usual cup of tea, but both cover and blurb caught my attention too much not to try it. So off I went to live a different adventure...

I must say, the story, its characters and the writing were all very fascinating, but sometimes I needed a break from everything that was going on. It's not like the book lacks of action—on the contrary, there is plenty—but it's all too much blood and gore for me. Although I could see the point of using bloody scenes in such a story, I had to put the book down from time to time, and bring myself to pick it up again wasn't always an easy task. However, I reached the end and I have to give credits to the author not only for his writing skills, but also for having put together a great team of characters. Each of them has a different personality that makes them unique and all very interesting, you could say they are the real strength of the book.

If you're into Epic Fantasy with its dose of gruesome, I would suggest you to give this book a go. You could very well fall for the story and Watson's writing.


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