Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Deep End" by A.M. Hartnett


SERIES: Carried Away #1

GENRE: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
SOURCE: NetGalley
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No one has seen Jacques Taureau in the flesh since a traumatic attack left him scarred inside and out. But there is a man behind every myth and even stone can become fire again. “Mr. Taureau, is there anything I can do for you?” For years, the Taureau-Werner building has been Grace's playground. Hot men in suits have provided her with one sinful diversion after another without ever having to leave the thirteenth floor. Grace thinks her secret indulgences are safe, until one late night alone in the office, a call comes through from billionaire recluse: Jacques Alain Taureau. And in Taureau's lonely world, Grace meets a prince with no intention of escaping his secretive retreat by the sea.


This book opens with a bang in its very erotic sense and it plays over some fantasies that, once unleashed, could very well get someone in trouble...But there are certain circumstances that, no matter how 'dangerous', are worth the risk. Meet Mr. Taureau and see if you're not inclined to do everything he asks...

Grace is not a submissive, but she submits to Jacques' wishes/orders nonetheless. Jacques doesn't simply enjoy that, he also admires the fierceness of this strong woman who intrigues him every minute more. When they're in the middle of sex—which happens a lot and often—they put up quite the scene and the heat goes high in their room as much as yours. I liked that, but I won't hide that I would have preferred the whole background story to be developed a bit more. There's a very captivating plot with a few twists that lead to something unexpected and, for that, very appreciated. Yet, I definitely felt like, instead of a few sex scenes, the author should have put some events (and details) under the spotlight more to have a bigger impact on the reader.

Overall, I had a good time with this book, the hot affair, the main characters and even a minor one who played his charm part very well. I'm also satisfied with the novel's conclusion so, if you're up for a sexy escape, I would suggest you to think about picking this book up.

RATING: 3.5/5
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