Friday, October 31, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Halloween

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This week's topic: HALLOWEEN

In Italy you don't see the kind of celebrations America is used to do for this special occasion, but I've always been fascinated by Halloween. When I was old enough to understand it better and had developed my creative skills, I started celebrating this event in style. I used to make every decoration myself and every year I added new things, so the house was always different and rich of spooky embellishments. I had friends coming over, we had costume parties and we had lots of fun with horror movies and sometimes themed games I invented myself. I used to take care of the pumpkin as well, and didn't I just love that part? :)

Without even realising it, years passed by and suddenly I moved to UK. That was the end of the big celebrations. Not because here they don't do anything for Halloween, on the contrary, it was just me losing that enthusiasm I had at home... But I left my lil sis in charge. Growing up following my steps, she learned a lot from me and, since she had a good dose of creativeness already, you can imagine how she rocks the house!

I still celebrate Halloween, though, but it's just horror movies, candy and a couple of decorations here and there, nothing spectacular. Although today we have a great friend with us, so we're going to have a bit more of Mwahaha fun!! ;)


  1. Franny @ Mind Reader31 October 2014 at 11:24

    Happy Halloween!! I've always loved your decorations and your themed games, hopefully we'll get to do these things next year! :)

  2. Hope yall have a fabulously mwahahaha inspired time! Always fun when friends and family are about for it :)

  3. In France it's quite the same, really different but I would love to try a real Halloween. When it arrived in France 10 years ago, something like that, I liked to do it but them it just disappeared, it depends on the cities and the place I think but well yesterday nobody asked for candies like always.

  4. I think nobody can beat US trick-or-treaters...

  5. In Norway (where I'm from) and Switzerland (where I live) Halloween has only arrived in recent years, and I don't celebrate it at all. I'm a Halloween grunch! I think it's because here in Geneva, we have our own costume party in December, and it has to do with the history of Geneva and has been going on for 400 years, so I'd rather have my kids celebrate that than Halloween.
    I'm amazed at all the things you used to do for the celebration, though, Silvia! It sounds like a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

  6. Bookworm Brandee4 November 2014 at 13:12

    It's great that you created your own way to celebrate Halloween, Silvia. I'm not actually a huge fan but since I have children, I make sure they have a great time. They've requested some interesting costumes over the years. Well, mostly my son. He's been a storm cloud, an angler fish, and an okapi. Yeah, those were fun to make. ;) I hope your Halloween was fab!

  7. It requires A LOT of work, indeed...but I always had a blast in the end and recently thought about giving the big celebration another go. Who knows, perhaps next year! ;)

  8. Yeah, I've always been creative and couldn't really stop myself! :P I'm actually glad I did what I did, and it's good that you help your children to have the best of times with this celebration. Such a good mum you are, Brandee! :)


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