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"The Accidental Call Girl" by Portia Da Costa


SERIES: Accidental #1
GENRE: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
SOURCE: Borrowed
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

When Lizzie meets an attractive older man in the bar of a luxury hotel, he mistakes her for a high class call girl on the look-out for a wealthy client. Lizzie finds herself following him to his hotel room for an unforgettable night where she learns the pleasures of submitting to the hands of a master. But what will happen when John discovers that Lizzie is far more than seems...?


I previously read an erotic/historical romance book by Da Costa (it won't be my last one), and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try one of her contemporary stories as well. I'm glad I did, but I'm afraid I wasn't as much compelled by it as I'd hoped.

Although the couple here is not a bad match, I felt like the chemistry between John and Lizzie wasn't well delivered. They have lots of sex but, despite the hotness and 'creativity', it all resulted more technical than involving. It's not like it wasn't enjoyable, but it could have been more intense with an emotional involvement instead of a series of detailed—but well written—steamy scenes. I think a bit of background development wouldn't have hurt to get a stronger connection with everyone either, in particular with Lizzie's house mates. Even if minor characters, it's clear they have a past not to be ignored (especially Brent), but we only catch glimpses here and there and I couldn't be touched by a certain situation like I should probably have.

Still, the reading was never slow, my mind wandered through salacious imaginary places and I would read the second instalment to seek answers about a mysterious past that got me curious...



  1. Ah too bad it wasn't as good as you thought. It sounds like an ok read

  2. I like that title! But I agree that gray chemistry is a must. Nice review!

  3. 'Technical sex' doesn't sound all that enticing to me, either, Silvia. Sometimes, first books in series are not as good as the sequels, so maybe I'll add this one to my 'might read one day' shelf :)
    Great review! I hope you're feeling better, and that you'll have a fantastic week.

  4. I've not tried her yet. Do you have one you'd suggest?

  5. It was an enjoyable read, but not one to blow my mind.

  6. I know, that's why I'm not ready to give up this Trilogy quite yet. I'll see if I get a few answers with the second book and let you know.
    I'm feeling better now, but I'm still not great... Fingers crossed everything is going away in a couple of days because I can't stand this flu anymore :( Thanks, Lexxie! xo

  7. I felt like there wasn't the right 'sparkle' and that let me down, but I'm curious to see if with the second book I'll get a few answers.

  8. Since I know you like historicals and erotic romances as well, I would suggest you The Ladies' Sewing Circle series. I've only read the fifth book in the series, but didn't have any problem and really enjoyed the read from start to finish. Here's my review for In The Flesh, in case you want to see if it could be of your liking ;)

  9. I hope you'll be able to connect with the next one more easily. Not sure it's for me. I'm not that attracted to erotica.

  10. Not at all, erotica books are not just sex to read about, they usually involve both characters and readers on an emotional level. As for the emotional attachment between the main couple, there is one here, but unfortunately it wasn't delivered well enough for me to feel it.

  11. When a man pays for sex he is looking for sex. Almost always, any emotional connection is excluded. Only in rare cases does the man who is paying look for an emotional experience; often, thee reason for buying sex is precisely to avoid such a connection.

    It seems you were not aware of this. As a result, you had unrealistic expectations of an emotional connection that could not be realised. That is plainly not the fault of the author and your criticism of this aspect of the author's work is misplaced.

  12. This is a work of fiction and, in romance novels, there should always be an emotional connection, otherwise it wouldn't be called romance. Since this book fits into this category, I simply stated that I would have preferred a deeper emotional connection, that is all. I am entitled to my own opinion, after all, and this is just what I've done.

  13. I suggest that portraying a lack of an emotional connection in the relationship between call girl and client is more likely to be a strength of the book and something to be praised, not criticised.

    You are of course entitled to your own personal opinion, however you have decided to publicise said opinion on a blog which you hope is fairly widely read. I think you should take care to be more responsible about what you post on your blog especially when you are being overtly critical of an accomplished author (a Sunday Times bestseller). What did you hope to gain by this?

    I repeat, everyone is entitled to a personal opinion but we should all be especially careful when deciding that our personal opinion is worthy of being presented as in any way authoritative, for example in a blog such as yours.

    However, I would like to thank you for sparking my curiosity as I have now purchased the book and look forward to reading it.

  14. Absolutely nothing, I can assure you. Criticism is to be expected in a review and authors, publishers and readers of my blog demand complete honesty from me, which they always get.

    Although I had a great time with another DaCosta's book in the past, I didn't like some aspects of this one, but I certainly don't expect you to agree with me. We can't like everything we read the same way and we certainly have different opinions.

    I'm glad I sparked your curiosity so much you decided to buy the book though, I truly hope it will work amazingly well for you. Enjoy!

  15. Bookworm Brandee16 October 2014 at 19:07

    Yeah, a little more story is always welcome with the steamy scenes, for me. :) I'm glad you gave Da Costa's contemporary a try, Silvia. I guess sometimes it's hard for authors to cross into other genres. I'm glad you'll stick to her historicals though. I'll have to give one a try. Any suggestion as to which one I should try first?!? :)

  16. Same for me and you could try In The Flesh, Brandee. It's a great mix of erotica and historical romance. ;)


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