Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Executioner at the Institute for Contaminated Children" by Margaret E. Alexander


SERIES: The Executioner #1

PUBLISHER: Crescent Moon Press
GENRE: YA Paranormal/Thriller
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository


16 The deciding age of contamination.
30 The number of coin flips it takes to prove that Donna may have subconsciously used her genetically enhanced abilities to excel in school.
24 The number of hours Donna has to board a train to the Institute for Extraordinary Children.
14 The flights of stairs she must climb to get to her room.
700 The number of pages in the rule book that will determine how she eats, sleeps, and…well…smells for the remainder of the school year.
2 The number of members in her squad. Good thing Dan’s there to help get her abilities in shape and avoid Donna’s worst fear—humiliation. Her abilities skyrocket. Until the day she learns exactly what Dan is capable of.
1 The number of bodies that turn up dead.
0 Her chances of getting out alive.


This has been one of those cases in which it was the blurb to attract me to the book most of all. The summary is intriguing but quite cryptic and that is precisely what pushed my curiosity buttons so much and well.

I found myself drawn into a story that had much more to offer than what I would have honestly expected, and I devoured the book without realising it. From start to finish we have so much going on that is practically impossible to get bored even for a second, and that is because the author has done a very good job with both characters and plot development. Guessing who's behind everything is a challenge—it proves to be so even when you think you got the answer right—and every turn of events certainly makes the whole read even more entertaining. But it's not just a matter of getting the Executioner, we face a sad 'reality' here in which our heroes are forced to live and, well, survive. Certain situations kinda gave me the chills and I could feel the characters' struggle...

Lovers of superheroes should definitely grab this book right away, although I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a cool read with unexpected twists and turns. I'm definitely looking for more!

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