Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Holding My Breath" by A.M. Hartnett


SERIES: Carried Away #2
GENRE: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
SOURCE: NetGalley
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Molly has watched that blue-eyed seducer for months, but now that her hotel is targeting a more family-friendly clientele, he has to go. Quinn wants to bargain: give him until New Year’s Eve, and he’ll make it worth her while. “It’s a skill not every man possesses, and it can’t be taught. That’s why I’m good at what I do.” For half his life Quinn has been making his living as a professional Casanova. Challenged by Molly to take his business elsewhere, he strikes a bargain with her: give him until New Year’s Eve and she’ll never see him again, and in the meantime he’ll make it worth her while. As their arrangement becomes a passionate affair, there’s no denying that Molly’s been waiting for him to come into her life for a very long time. She never imagined that a man like Quinn would be the one.


It takes skills to write a book with sex in every chapter that makes the reader hot and keeps them also interested in the story. A.M. Hartnett manages to do exactly that and, with a few surprises and not a moment of boredom, "Holding My Breath" is a pleasure to read.

Sensual and seductive, the chemistry between Quinn and Molly is gorgeous and, besides the amazing sex (a lot and smoking hot), it was lovely to see their connection growing stronger every time they met. They're perfect for each other but they do have different backgrounds, and an event from the past that sometimes may get someone's mind carried away...Yet, Quinn and Molly seem to get along quite great and, in the end, what happens between these two can be as much surprising for them as it is for the reader. I personally loved every moment spent in their company, and I felt more compelled than I was with the first instalment.

I had a fantastic time with this book, it all flew so well and naturally that I found myself devouring it and wanting more, so much that this is why I'm on my way to the third and final instalment in the series!



  1. Dang. Yeah it does. I read one recently that was honest to goodness 250 pages of sex scenes (out of like 255 pages). It unfortunately didn't manage quite as well. lol Will have to check this one out :)

  2. Trying this author out soon, thank you! I've read a few books that have had sex in each chapter before and none managed to pull it off, it just got too repetitive. Great review :)

  3. I love when I end up like you with a book, it's always a best feeling, right? I'm glad you had a great time Silvia!

  4. Wow, now I've got to read this, great review !

  5. Whoa... Well, here there is a lot of sex, but I think the author did a very good job. Plus, the chemistry between the characters really works, so it was impossible for me not to enjoy the read. Hopefully, it will have the same effect on you, Anna!

  6. I found the ones in here quite good, and the characters are really a great match! Glad to hear you will give the author a chance :)

  7. This sounds great, Silvia. And it is a feat to be able to write sex in every chapter yet keep your reader engaged in the actual story. I'm glad you had fun with this installment. I'll have to give this series a go. :)


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