Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"The Calm Before" by Jules Hedger


SERIES: Reign and Ruin #0.5
PUBLISHER: This Thistle Press
GENRE: NA Fantasy
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

Three men. One girl. The stage is set for the storm to hit.
Maggie's story did not begin with a fall into Palet. Before she gave up her life on Earth to enter the Reign Walk, her fate was long decided by three points of a triangle: Marty, Cirrus and Lucan. In this special Reign and Ruin novella, spend time with the men of the Wilds in their final moments before the Daughter of Palet entered the room and changed their lives forever.


This is a prequel/companion novella of "The Wilds"—the first instalment in the Reign and Ruin series—in which we can read some scenes that give us little (but good) insides of Marty, Cirrus and Lucan. They are the main male characters of this exciting world Hedger has created, one I can't help being fascinated by, and saying I love those three would be an understatement. Of course, that is for very different reasons, but I do have an appreciation for each of them nevertheless. We get a few additional info herenot just about them, but also Paletand it's all very useful in order to understand certain dynamics and actions better and make the journey to follow an even more interesting one.

You should definitely read this alongside "The Wilds" to be properly absorbed into the fantasy world of Palet and its unique characters, and guess what? The author gives you the chance to do that with both novel and novella for FREE! Are you really able to resist such temptation?

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