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"Christmas at Twilight" by Lori Wilde


SERIES: Twilight, Texas #5
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
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It's Christmas in Twilight, Texas. The Cookie Club is baking, the town is decorated, and Delta Force Operator "Hutch" Hutchinson has finally, reluctantly, returned home...only to get pepper sprayed by the delicious-looking stranger who's taken over his house. She says her name is Jane, and she immediately sets down ground rules. Top priority: no touching. For Hutch that isn't easy—he was wounded in action, but one part is still working very well. Then Hutch learns the truth. Jane harbors a frightening secret—she's really Meredith Sommers, on the run from a dangerous ex-husband and desperately inn eed of the safety Hutch can provide. In that moment, he vows he'd do anything in his power to protect her. And as Christmas approaches, they discover that their love can conquer the past and overcome any obstacle—but what price will they pay?


Previous to this book, Lori Wilde was a new author to me and I didn't really have any kind of expectations when I started the read, but I surely felt more than satisfied from beginning to end.

Both Jane and Hutch's past and present made them very strong and independent people, so it wasn't easy for them to even think of asking for help which—even if for different reasons—they certainly needed. Of course, their situations put them in no other position than to find an agreement and try to rely on each other, but secrets and issues called for some ground rules. The 'no touching' one may have proved to be quite the challenge, but the characters' strength was admirable and their relationship development overwhelming.

With a very good dose of romance, drama and suspense, "Christmas at Twilight" is much more than a Holiday read. I'm definitely looking forward to read more from this author.



  1. YAY! I love good romances, and if there is suspense added in as well, I'm usually a very happy reader :) Great review, Silvia. Guess what I'm adding to my TBR?
    Happy New Year, and happy reading.

  2. I think I saw a few books by her on blogs but I haven't read any. I should, it sounds nice! It's nice to see that it's more than we might think. thanks for the review!

  3. Guess who's very happy about that? ;)
    Cheers to a wonderful 2015 and lots of amazing new reads!!

  4. I like the sound of this series and I definitely wouldn't mind catching up with the other instalments ;)

  5. There is more than just romance, and I hope you'll give it a go, Melliane!

  6. I like the cover, too, and when you open the book you see an additional part that makes it just lovelier. The instalment definitely works as a standalone, so feel free to go for it whenever your reading schedule allows it, Anna! ;)

  7. This sounds like a good read to take a break from UF/PNR. Love these kinds, will have to try out that author :)

  8. It really is. Hope you will enjoy her stories :)

  9. Bookworm Brandee8 January 2015 at 16:08

    I've heard of Lori Wilde but I don't think I've read anything from her. I'm glad you enjoyed your introduction to her. I like stories set in small-town Texas, so I'll have to check her out.

  10. I really had a good time with this book, Brandee, and I definitely hope you'll give her a go! :)

  11. This was my first read from Lori Wilde, and I loved, loved, loved it! Nice to see you liked it too. :)

  12. I enjoyed it a lot, and I'm glad to hear it worked so well for you, too! I suppose we can say this was definitely the right pick as our first Lori Wilde's book. :)

  13. I like the title :) and it sounds like a really good book
    Thanks for such a lovely review


  14. If you decide to give it a go, I'll be curious to read your thoughts, Ruty! :)


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