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Darkness Calling Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway!

Today I'm happy to host a stop for Darkness Calling Tour, organized by Dark World Books!
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(Primani #5)

ad infinitum: endlessly, forever, without limit
Finally freed from a century in purgatory, former-wild child Aisling just wants to raise her son and live as a normal human again. Her taste of freedom is cut short the moment her past comes to claim her. There’s one reason she was exiled, and his name is Cain. With him, there was only darkness, and the angels help her, she liked it that way. Now he’s back, and his commands are simple. Stay away from Sean or else. But when he threatens to take her son, she turns to the one man who can save them both. Sean.
Sean is sick and tired of his baby mama’s hateful attitude. Her mood swings give him whiplash, and he’s seriously thinking of strangling her. But when a brutal old enemy shows up to destroy everyone Sean loves, he discovers Aisling is hiding more than her feelings for him.
Joining forces to protect their son, Sean and Aisling set out on a journey that leads them from the city streets of Manhattan to the elegant hotels of Vienna to the final terrifying showdown in the bowels of Rome.

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Laurie Olerich is the author of the urban fantasy romance series Primani. She loves to create guilty pleasures full of exciting locations, roller coaster action, strong, quirky heroines, and steaming hot heroes who’ll raise the temperature in any room you’re in! Paranormal romance? Check! Urban fantasy? Check! Romantic suspense? Check! Her Primani series combines the best of the three. When not plotting, writing, or fantasizing about her next hero, she’s planning parties, traveling the world, and spending lazy nights with her son, her Dal pals, and friends. Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Germany. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian duo, Domino and Rambo. Before throwing caution to the wind and diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to a career spent around men with guns and cool toys…this explains her obsession with both!

Keeping a Series Fresh

If you read romance, you can’t escape series. Love them? Hate them? Whether they’re wickedly kinky BDSM clubs, hot alpha wolf packs, or deliciously sexy Primani, you’ve seen them and probably read them. A lot of series start out with a handful of books, and before too long there are dozens that are all linked back to that very first novel! Regardless of how they’re linked, they have to have something in common. How does an author write so many books and still give each title a unique storyline with characters you want to know intimately? That’s the challenge, isn’t it?
My Primani Series is still in its infancy with only five books. The first three are tied together in The Lost Soul Trilogy. Mica’s story arc spreads across the three books so each is completely unique. No repetitive plot lines or cookie cutter characters! The next books, Broken Souls and Darkness Calling, are standalone titles featuring core characters from the trilogy. My characters drive their stories. Let me give you an example. After Stone Angels, I started to write Sean’s backstory. Apparently Declan objected since he started haunting my dreams and yapping in my ear every time I sat down to type out Sean’s life. After a couple of weeks, I gave up on Sean and wrote Broken Souls for Dec and Rori. He stopped nagging at me once I gave in.
When I was done with Broken Souls, I tried to write a Christmas novella because everyone does that, right? I got a few chapters into it when Aisling started to whine at me. Why wasn’t I writing her story? How could I let everyone hate her? She had reasons for being so horrid to Sean. It wasn’t fair to let the world think she was nothing but a cold-hearted bitch. So... her desperate plea turned into my favorite, darkest story yet. Doesn’t everyone have a demon ex who lingers in your mind, and on your lips, long after that last hot night together?
I have several more books planned. I believe the series will stay exciting because I let the characters have their way with me, and they have unique and powerful voices. Since my Primani world is built around psychics, angels, and demons, there is no shortage of really fascinating plot lines to draw out for readers who love an edgy, supernatural tale. 
My secret for keeping things fresh? I write from my heart. I write what needs to be written without worrying about meeting genre expectations or fitting into some marketing niche. The characters demand. I obey. It’s as simple as that.

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